End Of The Night

Edition of 20

Released – Jun 17, 2021

Collection – Twerk Skeleton Origins

Space Yacht
Record label and nft collective based in Los Angeles, showcasing the next generation of electronic music

Space Yacht started in 2015 as a weekly underground party in Los Angeles and has since blossomed into one of the most respected voices in underground electronic music. Space Yacht was an early adopter of NFTs and was the first music brand featured on Nifty Gateway in early 2020.

For their fourth NFT collection on Nifty Gateway, Space Yacht dives into the origin story of the Twerk Skeleton. The character was originally designed in 2016 as a symbol of unity and equality, with the notion that no matter what you look like or where you come from, we are all just a bunch of bones on the dance floor.

Since then, Space Yacht has used the Twerk Skeleton design on both apparel and live visuals at their events. Once Space Yacht started producing NFTs, the legend of the Twerk Skeleton took on a whole new life of its own. “For this collection we wanted to play with the idea of storytelling across multiple NFTs,” explains Space Yacht co-founder and music producer LondonBridge.

“In previous drops, we saw the Twerk Skeleton flying through space and dancing on the moon. Even though the pieces were upbeat, there was an air of loneliness to them. In a way, this new collection is a prequel to those earlier NFTs. It’s a universal tale about love and loss.”

Each NFT features original animations by Sahir Khan and music by Space Yacht co-founder, LondonBridge. All of the songs in this collection were written specifically for each piece and do not appear on any other music platform. As with all Space Yacht NFTs, you are buying a piece of original art AND music.

Welcome back Space Yacht! Space Yacht was the first ever brand partnership released on NG and we are thrilled to welcome them back for their latest collection!

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End Of The Night – Space Yacht – NFT Digital Art