Released – Mar 25, 2021
Collection – Ghosts
David McLeod is an award-winning 3D artist with over 15 years’ experience creating highly detailed, hypnotic digital works of art that challenge our perceptions and leap to life off-screen. Known for his experimental approach and uncanny tactile quality, his visual explorations have amassed views in the 100s of millions across social media and garnered the attention of critics and creators alike. David has been commissioned by some of the biggest brands around the world, including Apple, the BBC and Nike..
I am a survivor of the early experiments in parenting that gave 1980s children broad access to computer games. But the state-of-the-art Amiga 500 machine which we owned at the time bore little resemblance to today’s ninth-generation consoles. Blocky on-screen puddles with two white pixels for eyes were abstract monsters – but they appeared alive, I fought battles against them. These games involved a team effort between immature CPU and a child’s overclocked imagination which was always there to pick up the slack. The works here are the ghosts disturbed by an archaeological dig into these memories. The scenes are not inspired by any specific game: they are each an ensemble cast of many dusty hand-labelled floppy disks, channeled through a child’s eyes then weathered by time. If it is difficult for you to determine if these creatures are fleshy or inorganic, remember their ancestors were stored in mere kilobytes of memory. Excavating these childhood impressions has been an ongoing source of inspiration throughout my practice.
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Trance – Ghosts Collection – NFT Art by David McLeod – 58