Apaixonada I

By Pabllo Vittar x Nicopanda x The Fabricant x Blake Kathryn

Edition of 10

Collection – #PrideWithPabllo

Released Jun 29, 2021

Celebrates the energy, diversity and optimism of Brazilian carnival. Pabllo is dressed in thigh-length boots and a bodice that encompasses a full headpiece bursting with rainbow coloured streamers. The backdrop shows a cityscape at nightfall. Avatar to be dressed after auction by Dress X.

Pabllo Vittar in collaboration with NicoPanda x The Fabricant

“’Digital fashion came into my world fairly organically. Nicola and I were working with the incredibly talented Bryan Huynh and Rodolfo Olf on the C☆NDY Transversal cover this year. The team was able to animate an elegant red armor onto a raw image of me, and it got everyone involved thinking in the endless possibilities of digital fantasy fashion. When approached with the proposal to do an NFT, we decided to expand upon the wearable concept we had brainstormed earlier. Our research spiraled to find the Fabricant, who had been working in the space for years. We as a team were able to bring concepts that previously were only feasible in our imaginations to life while simultaneously reducing our carbon foot print of physical production. This first pass at an exciting collaboration, feels like the first of many for us. Digital fashion is only just getting started.’ – Pabllo Vittar

Pabllo Vittar
Singer-songwriter and drag queen, Pabllo Vittar, is a 26-year-old Latin Grammy nominee, MTV EMA & MIAW Award-winner, and a ‘Next Generation Leader,’ according to TIME Magazine. In 2017, Pabllo released her debut album, ‘Vai Passar Mal,’ which included ‘K.O.’ and ‘Corpo Sensual,’ and with both peaking at #1 in the Brazilian market. In 2018, her second album ‘Não Para Não,’ was released and broke the record of the most streamed album on Spotify Brazil in the first 24 hours with all tracks charting on the Spotify Global Top 40. In 2020, her third LP, ‘111,’ which has been streamed upwards of 750+ million times, was her first trilingual release in Portugese, English, and Spanish. Pabllo Vittar is currently the most followed drag queen on social media worldwide with 35+ million followers across all platforms. She has starred in campaigns for international brands such as Calvin Klein, Adidas, Coca-Cola, Sky Vodka, and more and has been highlighted by major media outlets such as Billboard, The New York Times, The Guardian, Vogue, Gay Times, Rolling Stone, Paper Magazine, & GQ. With over 5+ billion streams and views combined, Pabllo Vittar has joined forces with international acts, including Major Lazer/Diplo, Anitta, Charli XCX, Thalia, Marina, Lauren Jauregui, Iggy Azelea, Rina Sawayama, and more!

NicoPanda is the personal brand of style icon Nicola Formichetti, known for his unparalleled creativity and jaw-dropping collaborations. Launched in 2015, the New York based street brand is best known for its edgy and playful approach to ready-to-wear and accessories. Always innovating, Nicopanda is at the forefront of the fashion world with its hyper-creative philosophy and unique collaborations true to its creator’s ideology. Loved by street culture enthusiasts around the world and frequently seen on the hottest celebrities and influencers, Nicopanda is designed for all and available to all.

The Fabricant
The Fabricant is a digital fashion house leading the fashion industry towards a new sector of digital-only clothing. We specialise in photo-real 3D fashion design and animation. Our work operates at the intersection of fashion and technology, creating digital couture and fashion experiences that are always digital, never physical. We aim to show the world that clothing does not need to be physical to exist. We believe the digital-only fashion sector will open up new creative avenues beyond the limits of the physical world, while promoting sustainability and drastically reducing the negative environmental impacts of the current fashion paradigm. Digital fashion is a vast and untapped creative terrain, where the previously physically impossible becomes possible. We see ourselves as ‘fashionauts’ committed to exploring the potential of this new world through our digital couture and compelling 3D fashion narratives. We collaborate with global brands and retailers, bringing our expertise as leaders in the digital fashion sector, to help them deep dive into its unlimited possibilities.

Blake Kathryn
Blake Kathryn is a Los Angeles based visual artist. Her work balances between concept and commercial realms spanning across various industries including music, fashion and tech. Blake’s work is recognized for its vibrant palettes and ethereal undertones with a surreal futurist aesthetic.

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Apaixonada I – Pabllo Vittar x Nicopanda x The Fabricant x Blake Kathryn – NFT – Digital Art