Reaching To The Moon

By Nois7

Edition of 37


Released – Mar 29, 2021

The stars dance in the sky when the clouds free up the view; the radiant moon shows its face. Every night she looks up. She loves looking at the moon. She stretches her arms far above her and it feels as if she can touch the moon. The moon is magic for the soul and light for the senses. This NFT includes a unique physical token.

In his lively works, German artist Robert Jahns better known as Nois7 creates colorful fantasy worlds. His playful photo manipulations connect people, nature, and movement, blurring the lines between dream and reality. Crowned the “World’s Leading Modern Digital Artist,” Jahns is among the most significant artists in the genre. Jahns explores all the possibilities presented by new media and reaches over a 1.4 Million people with his work on social media.

The surprising artworks are bursting with joy and vivacity. Feelings of bliss and enthusiasm arise before we start to dream away with Jahns. In the category photography he was awarded “Influencer of the Year 2020”. He was a finalist at the Shorty Awards in the “Instagrammer of the Year” category and nominated in the category “Visual Arts” at the Influencer Awards Monaco 2019. Additionally, Jahns took 13th place in the international “Top 100 Photographers on the Web” and was the first place finisher in Germany. In the “Art” category, he ranked first worldwide. In 2019 he opened his “Nois7 Art Gallery” in Hamburg, Germany where he is also teaching others about creativity and more. He regularly collaborates with top international talent and brands, including Nike, Sony, Mercedes-Benz, Cadillac, HP and many more.

“DREAMING WITH OPEN EYES” is a series of art pieces that inspires to dream big and set no limits to your imagination. It should stimulate to believe in your ideas. Anything you can imagine can be possible..

The best dreams happen in our waking moments. That belief is the beating heart behind each of the fantastical dreamscapes artist Robert Jahns aka nois7 has become known around the world for. Over a million fans on IG have fallen in love with Robert’s work already, so we couldn’t be more excited to bring Robert to Nifty Gateway to release his genesis NFT collection with everyone.

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