By Nana Schlez

Collection Siempre en otra Parte by CryptoArg

Released Jul 6, 2021

Edition of 10


Cryptoarg is an Argentinean art collective thriving to find the most advanced and unique artistic expressions within the crypto space.

CryptoArg returns for their 3rd collection on Nifty Gateway

I’m here, aren’t I? Are you here? I feel your attention so close, yet so far away… Identity is on the edge of dissolution, but the mind leads us to uncertain places. Isn’t that what we call ‘thought’?

I don’t know how to talk to you in this new world, I can only look at you when you’re inside. I swear I’ve felt your fingerprint scanning my body, my wires. Wireless. We’re not here, we’re somewhere else from where we’re supposed to be. But still, we’re here. A non-place, a utopia, that lies between all places. But suddenly all becomes repetitive, meaningless. Hyper-communication leaves us more isolated. Why wasn’t I warned that I was in the hell of the same?

34 Argentine artists are here, in another place, showing their present as an instance of all other presents we could live. This becomes the narrative in which the Argentinian collective makes evident what means to live condemned to the screen. Are you still here?

Nana Schlez
I was born on August 18, 1989, in Buenos Aires, I studied clothing and a Bachelor of Arts degree at the UBA. I was formed from courses and workshops with various teachers, among them; clinic workshop with Hernán Salamanco, Fabiana Barreda, Romina Resuche and Patricia Hakim. In 2018 I was part of the Caseros Residence in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for three months, in which I explored the black holes of the cosmos and the relationship with the body. The residency ended with an exhibition and performance at the Bhering Factory.

At this moment as an artist and a woman I am going through different materials and going through different processes in order to include and explore different perceptions of my work.

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