Radiant Depths

By Metsa

Released – May 5, 2021

Collection – Minerva Vol 1

Edition of 10

Metsä means forest in the Finnish language. It is also the name Maxwell Prendergast took as his artist name. Based in Washington State, surrounded by natural beauty, he draws a lot of inspiration from the world around him. Cinematic intros and natural sounds play with breaking drums and gorgeous synths in his music. Having played festivals such as, Capitol Hill Block Party, Upstream & Summer Meltdown, and opening for artists like Louis Futon , Chet Porter, Elohim, Brasstracks, Big Wild and more.

Maxwell designs all of his logos, personal cover art, brand content, visuals, and more. It is a continuous work in progress. metsä is always looking to provide the best live show possible by intermixing a Ableton live set, with electronic drums and guitar. Using sync’d custom visuals and tons of music (released, unreleased, and remixes) it is a sight to behold.

Currently releasing an EP through a new label called minerva which is lead by RAC & Goldroom. The second single is available to stream now.

Always making personal projects ︎

I find I work best when I can combine these various facets into one unique vision. That’s why my personal work often includes everything I can get my eyes & ears on.

multidisciplinary. Crafting unique audio/visual moments. I find I work best when I can combine various mediums into one vision. My artwork often involves everything I can get my eyes & ears on.

This NFT Collection was curated by Minerva Music
Minerva Music is an independent record label focused on supporting artists through both traditional and non-traditional means. This collection consists of a group of works created by Minerva and friends where all artists, both audio and visual, share a similar vision of supporting the new school creator economy by bringing value back to artists through innovation and forward-thinking art.

For the first time in nearly 10 years, both of our co-founders RAC and Goldroom are completely independent and free to explore the most innovative and thoughtful ways to get art out into the world. It’s an exciting time to be an independent artist. The future is bright.

At Minerva we’ve been examining and championing the idea of what it means to be an independent artist in today’s music marketplace. We’ve been looking at how to create room to experiment and push ourselves as artists. We’re excited about where that is leading us and this wonderful collection of art is a great testament to that.

We believe that pioneering new sources of creative income to sustain creators is foundational to everyone creating in the burgeoning metaverse renaissance. We also know that our collectors and supporters are key to this, so we have structured this collection to be approachable to *anyone* who wants to support our cause.

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