By Kidmograph

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Birth Of A New Day Open Editions by Kidmograph x Dream Catalogue

In January 2015, Dream Catalogue released ‘新しい日の誕生 (Birth Of A New Day)’, the second album from 2814, the collaborative project of HKE and t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者. Emerging out of the tail-end of the vaporwave scene at the time, the album would go on to become an organic success story, gaining millions of listeners.

In combination with the visuals forged by Kidmograph, who created the original album cover, ‘Birth Of A New Day’ helped pave the way for a new style of art and music known today as ‘dreampunk’, which has seen many artists, musicians, designers and record labels inspired by the concept since, becoming a burgeoning movement in its own right.

‘Birth Of A New Day’ is an introspective album of dreams, romance, yearning and melancholy, distinguishing it from any typical cyberpunk output. In this collection, Kidmograph has depicted the emotive quality of each track on the album in an ‘eternal loop’ form, capturing the overwhelming feeling the album brings to life.

This is a special release containing 7 exclusive non-released animations for each track, plus the original animated artwork released in 2015 for the title track.

Dreampunk: The Soundtrack to Dreams

About Dreampunk:

Dreampunk music tends to be a form of introspective ambient downtempo that relies heavily on use of synths, washed out pads, deep bass and various effects such as reverb, delay and abstract effects processing, with the use of foley such as city sounds and thunderstorms. It is most often accompanied by a strong visual aesthetic of city environments, neon lights, rainfall, high contrast imagery and vivid colours that help create an immense quality, as though life itself is fantasy, taken in through the lens of the detached dreamer.

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