Highway Cruise

By Kidmograph x Vantage

Edition of 80

Released – Dec 13, 2020

DJ Vantage and Visual Artist Kidmograph release 5 MINUTE Open Edition!
First emerging onto the scene in 2015 with a four-track EP, French-born but Osaka-based producer, Vantage has spent the years since cultivating an immersive world at the intersection of sound and technology. Channelling a sound that has been coined as ‘future funk’, Vantage uses a range of analogue synths and instruments to create his distinctive tone. He dropped his second album J-Funk City in 2019. With a belief that the music and imagery should do the talking,

Vantage has created an immersive world to coincide with his music, a dystopian futuristic urban universe, “Metro City”. Heavily influenced by his surroundings, the visuals are all inextricably linked with Vantage’s life, drawing on personally involved feelings and memories including favourite old animé cartoons and animation filmed from the 80s and 90s. With his recently re-released ‘50//50’ already becoming a viral hit and finding an audience on a global scale, Vantage is set to put out his debut major label EP in 2021 via Parlophone / Atlantic Records.

Gustavo Torres, aka Kidmograph, is a multidisciplinary artist that lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s an independent motion graphics, designer, illustrator and 3D artist working online since 2005. His work is eclectic, with a strong background in beauty arts that allowed him to explore and discover an unique voice throught the years. From surrealism, Lo -fi, classic 80’s/90’s,passing through hand-drawn animation and 3D modelling, the diversity of techniques derived in great collaborations and client projects.
Vantage x Kidmograph Open Edition

We love the collaboration between these two iconic artists. Kidmograph and Vantage came together to create an unparalleled collection. They have two different stories, but they share the overall feeling/style. The final product is a vibe which developed two nostalgic, distant scenarios. Imagined Highway Cruise with an escape, but an endless escape. Night Walk came out with the idea of telling small stories within the main animation—a desolated city filled with billboards.

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Highway Cruise – Kidmograph x Vantage – NFT Digital Art