by Eduard Mykhailov

Edition of 24

Released – May 6, 2021

Eduard Mykhailov
My name is Eduard Mykhailov, known as Eduard_ov. I’m a 23-year-old Ukrainian digital artist, with over 9 years of experience. My passion is to create surrealistic animated artworks with different stories. In every new animation, I’m trying to do something new for me. In addition, I have worked with a lot of clients from around the world, and right now I’m fully focusing on my personal art and emotions that I want to show to the viewer.

From the Artist –
In this collection of 9 artworks, I made a representation of a different states of mind. I put a lot of my personal emotions and feeling for each video and I hope you’ll find something that resonates with you. Different art, different emotions, different mood. These are perfect loops in high resolution (1600×1800). It’s also a collaboration with Leat’eq, who created delightful and unique sound design for each artwork. Enjoy the beauty of digital art!

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Destiny – Eduard Mykhailov – NFT Digital Art