Flash Crash

By Chad Knight x Dillon Francis

Edition of 7

Released – May 15, 2021

Collection – DEFI Summer Open Editions by Chad Knight x Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis and Chad Knight team up for NFT Art Drop!

Chad Knight- @ChadKnight is a veteran digital artist and a director of 3D Design at Nike. He was a professional skateboarder from 1998-2011. Knight’s art centers around creating virtual worlds that explore humanity’s vast potential.

Dillon Francis
Dillon Francis: Dillon Francis is a LA born, platinum selling and award wining musician that has crossed many genres throughout his career as a DJ, Producer and Songwriter. As a DJ and musician, he has released two full length albums, Money Sucks Friends Rule featuring the worldwide hit “Get Low,” and WUT WUT, as well as the seminal This Mixtape Is Fire EP featuring “Coming Over” and “Bun Up The Dance” and 2019’s Magic Is Real. Francis’ roots in music started with his early moombahton releases on Mad Decent, pulling inspiration from growing up in the melting pot of Southern California, exposing him to latin and world artists. Dillon has also expanded into TV and Film, which currently includes an animated series in development with Freeform centered around his relationship with his best friend Gerald as well as his critically acclaimed acting in Viceland’s What Would Diplo Do.

Chad Knight
Chad is more than just a freelance artist, he is the Head of 3D Design at Nike and not so long ago retired from an exciting career as a professional skateboarder that ran from 1998-2011. Nowadays, when he isn’t working for Nike, his unique artwork is enjoyed by people around the world. Chad Knight’s vibrant digital art moves between the meditative and the frenetic. the artist’s personal work seems to exist in alien worlds, with his works being made in Cinema 4D. These are places inhabited by enormous elaborate beings that appear in mid-evolution. The artist posts a new creation each day on his Instagram account as part of an ongoing, prolific effort.

Chad and Dillon found a true connection through art, music and DeFI while exploring and creating this collection as well as a friendship the world cannot stop.

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Flash Crash – Chad Knight x Dillon Francis