Collection – Gems of Awareness Benefit for Entheon
A fractal taffy pull of Order, twisted into a field of harmonious cells. Order represents the mandalic interconnected pattern apparent during transcendental states of mystic unity and characteristic of the Visionary state. Heightened consciousness and a sense of mystic union is at the source of all sacred art and wisdom traditions.
Apr 10, 2021
Alex Grey & Allyson Grey release debut NFT collection!
The mystic paintings of Alex Grey articulate realms of psychedelic visionary consciousness, revealing interwoven energies of body and soul, love and spirit, illuminating the anatomical core of each being. Alex’s visual meditations on the nature of life and consciousness, the subject of his art, have reached millions through his five books, the exhibition and extensive reproduction of his artwork, speaking appearances including a popular TED talk, stage sets, video animation, and Grammy award winning album art for the band Tool.
Allyson Grey is a painter and a social sculptor, one whose art intends social transformation. She has been the creative and life partner to artist, Alex Grey, since they met in art school in 1974. Chaos, Order & Secret Writing comprise the essentialized world view portrayed in Allyson’s paintings. An invited speaker and art educator on five continents, the artist is also a prolific editor and writer, including eleven volumes of CoSM Journal of Visionary Culture. Creator of events, conferences and symposia, Grey has long been a muse to artists worldwide.
The Gems of Awareness collection of unique NFT Animations, are crystallizations of our psychedelic visionary experiences. They portray the elevation of consciousness and identity with a higher power, languages of the Spirit and spectral geometries of the Soul. We are both painters, so each animation was based on a specific work and expanded by animation to new dimensions. Gems of Awareness, the first NFTs by artists Alex Grey & Allyson Grey, are offered to raise funds to complete Entheon, Sanctuary of Visionary Art at CoSM, an art church in the Hudson Valley of New York. This three story, 12,000 square foot art temple, scheduled to open in late 2021, will exhibit works of the International Visionary Art movement portraying glimpses of transcendental realms. On the ground floor a Psychedelic Reliquary will present art and relics of sacramental history. On view, the heroes of hallucinogens will be honored with portraits and artifacts of the Visionary tradition. Also exhibited at Entheon will be the most beloved works of both the Grey’s, including the twenty-one Sacred Mirrors.
Gratitude to our collaborators, the digital sculptors and animators who have worked tirelessly and in close communication with us as we crafted these visually transcendent moments.
The Greys were deeply honored to be working with extraordinary artists, dear friends and long-time creative allies, including Edd Dawson-Taylor, Jackie Cooper, Taha Alkan, Matt Santoro, Ryan Tottle, and Mark Lee. Thank you to the musical maestro, Joy Oddessey for honoring us with an uplifting, individuated and cohesive soundtrack for each of our Gems of Awareness NFT releases. Rainbows of gratitude to @Trippy our generous advisor, for hosting the Grey’s entry into a new world of art and community. Trippy single handedly founded and built the largest digital psychedelic community by curating daily posts, mixing art and intellect for nearly a decade. The Trippy NFT Collective, his next project, is a natural progression of the community he has worked tirelessly to grow. The Grey’s extend endless gratitude to the outstanding CoSM team including John Harris, Katie Smith, Alexa Spadafora and good friend, Kevin Klein. Through Ryan’s rendition of the Steeplehead of Entheon, Mark Lee in Bali animated the Sol Invictus NFT, for which they are so appreciative. Mark Lee also designed the dragons on the rooftop of Entheon. In addition, so much gratefulness to Taha Alkan, architect, digital sculptor, and animator, for his outstanding job bringing Monochord to life with his magnificent work, and his collaborative work with Alex on numerous projects. Matt Santoro, digital animator and sculptor, created Kissing, inspired by Alex’s painting from 1983. Matt worked with the Greys realizing their installation for Meow Wolf in Las Vegas, The Infinitizer. Previously, Alex and Matt collaborated on the 2019 Tool animations for their album, Fear Inoculum. Thank you to Edd Dawson-Taylor and Jackie Cooper, masters of special effects, for animating the Faces of Entheon and bringing Allyson’s painting, CPR: Complementary Planned Randomness, into motion. For animating Allyson’s artwork, the Grey’s also thank the artist, Symetric Vision, for their work on New Chaos & Jewel Net of Indra, and the collective, Dog CEO, for animating New Order Gems & New Order Cubes.
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$1600 – Price Subject to Change

Gems – #32/111