By Baeige

Edition of 701

Released – Feb 22, 2021

Collection – Rooms Open Edition by Baeige

Baeige is a self-taught digital artist based in Vancouver. Her art reflects her appreciation for architecture, surrealist landscapes and interior design. She creates with the idea of escaping the stressful reality in which we live in, even just for a moment.

Jo-Anie Charland
Modernism could be described as one of the most optimistic styles in architectural history, drawing from notions of utopia, innovation, and the re-imagination of how humans would live, work, and interact: Baeige, a true master of symphonizing the relaxation of open space. Baeige takes architecturally soothing visuals and injects them with color tones that ease away all anxiety. Her NFT’s allow you to step into a dream world of Straight lines and calming colors.

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