A Gasping Curiosity

By Amber Guzman

Edition of 10

Collection – Visions Preserved in Amber

Released – Jun 18, 2021

What are you most curious about? Is it an experience of the unknown, an emotion or certain food? Curious on how their lips feel against yours or if they like your favorite perfume? We all have these wonders and wants to find out these simple questions. It comes for us all, curiously. Curiosity.

Amber Guzman
Amber Guzman is a disable artist/ model for a more than 20 years. She has a passion for arts in different mediums. From painting on canvas, building huge cosplay costumes and now her love for the digital arts, she continues to draw, model and build costumes despite having an hereditary illness called Muscular Dystrophy. Muscular Dystrophy is a illness that causes certain muscles of the body to atrophy (weakened or wearing away of muscles) This illness has started to effect her abilities to draw and with this realization she wanted to recreate some of her favorite paints in digital form and start new artworks before she is unable to do so. Her lines may become more shaky or soon her artwork will no longer be but her passion and gratitude she has for the art community will remain.

From modeling/cosplay to digital art she has broken into the world of art and design with her head held high!

Amber was born with a hereditary illness called Muscular Dystrophy causing her bodies muscle to not last over time making her weaker and in need of more care/ equipment to help her with her daily life.

She unfortunately has been having difficulties with using her hands and now wants to draw as much as she can while she still has these muscles to do so. The drawings that she does from this point on will be filled with tons of details and motion before she is not able to work as hard on this kind of artworks.

Over time her art may change or may no longer come to be but her love and passion for it will remain the same.

She has been featured in online magazines and newspapers such as the Cosmopolitan, LA Times, Life&Style and many more. She also appeared on television shows such as The Doctors, Telemundo News, RTL Germany and many others.

We are ecstatic to welcome Amber Guzman to Nifty Gateway! She has immersed herself in many different areas of art—from cosplay to digital art, and now has decided to enter the NFT world. Having been born with Muscular Dystrophy, she faces some obstacles with using her hands to make art. We are so fortunate to be able to release these 4 special pieces in her collection while she is still able to fill the canvas with such details and motion. Thank you for bringing the #WaifuGang to Nifty Gateway, Amber!

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A Gasping Curiosity – Amber Guzman – NFT Digital Artist