Prime Example

By Alotta Money

Released – Jan 12, 2021

Collection – Drop 2: Alotta Money Open Edition

Edition of 97

Allotta Money
Crypto Artist, Voxels architect, Photoshop Priest, VR&AR Maximalist, NFT Machine & Most Humble Visual Orgasm Provider in the Space

Alotta Money is a French pioneering crypto artist and ‘NFT Machine’ who produces a wide range of digital art and love to explore all kind of virtual and augmented realities. His work is often a trippy mixture of anarchic, cyberdelic, nonsensical and humorously subversive art. He is perhaps best known for his Twitter banners art and his classical paintings profanations. His work can be found on many of the major crypto art platforms out there today and he is also a renowned architect and designer within the Metaverse.

Alotta Money’s roots run deep in the Crypto Art community. He was one of the first artists to tokenize his work, making him a pioneer in the space. His artwork is detailed, playful, and beautiful. We love his satirical style of work and it shows in all of his Nifty Gateway collections.

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Prime Example – Alotta Money – NFT Digital Art