Queen Dartaria

By Alotta Money x RareRoom

Once you own a dartboard, unlock the artist designed RareRoom by heading to https://app.rarerooms.io/mycollection. Once you complete your profile, you’ll get the artist designed RareRoom.

Released – Mar 21, 2021

Collection – BoardRooms Open Editions

Edition of 132

After a successful Nifty Gateway drop last December, RareBoards is back with BoardRooms – new dArtboards and dArts PLUS each open edition dArtboard unlocks an artist designed RareRoom to play the games and show off your Nifties. This time they teamed up with three of the most iconic artists in these still early days of NFTs – Alotta Money, Jon Burgerman and Trippyogi.

RareBoards are digital NFT art pieces with standalone playable games layered over the art. They partner with top artists, brands and game designers to create limited edition games. RareBoards add to the NFT digital movement by building utility into the metadata of these collectibles – in this case, game playability and functionality. And even when not playing the game, owners have a unique creation, a one-of-a-kind art piece to display.

RareBoards are the first (of soon to be many) playable, interactive NFT experiences you’ll find in RareRooms (www.rarerooms.io). RareRooms are immersive, 3d environments for collectors, artists and admirers to display and showcase their Nifty collection.


You can play on your dartboard – set the game, wipe the leaderboard, host contests – all in a 3D environment created by the artist. These rooms are truly one of a kind experiences for your Nifty collection.

To explore the artist rooms, head to www.rarerooms.io/boardrooms

Allotta Money
Crypto Artist, Voxels architect, Photoshop Priest, VR&AR Maximalist, NFT Machine & Most Humble Visual Orgasm Provider in the Space

Alotta Money is a French pioneering crypto artist and ‘NFT Machine’ who produces a wide range of digital art and love to explore all kind of virtual and augmented realities. His work is often a trippy mixture of anarchic, cyberdelic, nonsensical and humorously subversive art. He is perhaps best known for his Twitter banners art and his classical paintings profanations. His work can be found on many of the major crypto art platforms out there today and he is also a renowned architect and designer within the Metaverse.

Alotta Money’s roots run deep in the Crypto Art community. He was one of the first artists to tokenize his work, making him a pioneer in the space. His artwork is detailed, playful, and beautiful. We love his satirical style of work and it shows in all of his Nifty Gateway collections.

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Alotta Money x RareRoom – Queen Dartaria – NFT Dart Board – Digital Art