By A L Grime

Edition of 50

Collection – ComplexLand Day 3

Released – Jun 18, 2021

// 3D Design+AR Experience by Waveform.EXP + Music by parkbreezy. // // Ally Grimm, aka A.L. Grime, is a Venezuelan-American artist, muralist and graphic designer based in Denver, CO. Her work explores the rise of the technological era through the lens of the human experience through bold, emotion-driven patterns.

A. L. Grime
A.L. Grime began her artistic journey working in the music industry, so her art remains heavily influenced by the sounds and community of the electronic music scene. She uses fluid line-work and pattern-work the energy and movement of a crowded dance floor.
She seeks to innovate how we experience art, continuously seeking the latest tech such as AR, VR, and NFTs. She believes art and technology will bring humans closer in the world, and she aims to share a message of empathy and unity through her creativity.

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Welcome to ComplexLand 2021’s NFT release! Day three features collections from Dan Smith, Brett Crawford, Bam Barcena, and AL Grime.

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