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Digital Art News

Beeple and the founder of Pitchfork are launching an NFT site

May 7 2021

After selling an NFT for $69 million in March, Beeple is making his next big move in the digital art space:

Sotheby’s to auction Picasso painting together with NFT

May 7 2021

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a type of cryptocurrency that reside on a smart contract platform, typically Ethereum.

Marvel Launches NFT Comics And Collectibles Line With Veve

May 7 2021

Today, Bleeding Cool launched NFTWatch, an e-mailing list looking at how the comic book industry involves itself..

Will The Growth In NFTs Change The Trajectory Of The Banking And Payments Industry?

May 7 2021

NFTs are commonly associated with buying/owning digital artwork which allows an investor or collector